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Icon Visual Marketing’s creative design services deliver on your mandatory requirements and seamlessly translates your message to your customer.

At every stage of the creative process we offer flexible, comprehensive design solutions capitalising on our experience, skill and versatility to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Our creative yet strategic approach ensures you receive innovative, high quality and effective design solutions, delivered on time and within budget. Our creative graphic design work includes:


Branding, corporate identity, and logo design


Stationery design, generally incorporating business card design, letterhead design, email signature and with compliments slip to name a few common ones


Brochure design,Catalogue design,Print ad design,Signage & OOH design,Direct mail design,and Technical Manuals


3D Renders, Illustration and Infographics


Point of sale, retail packaging, papercraft, die-cut, folders


Website UX and UI design,social and display banners,Email marketing design and Interactive presentations


Who says print is dead? Print is very much alive and still a large part of the marketing mix for most companies. The shift has been from having to print huge print runs to smaller, on-demand print and production.

Icon Visual Marketing has invested heavily in our in-house print production so we can turn around small quantity print runs in a short amount of time.

Our print capabilities include:

  • Banners
  • Large format posters, decals or wall art
  • Brochure and booklets
  • Flyers and DL mail inserts
  • Point of Sale
  • Stationery
  • Business cards

And much more. Speak to us about what you need and I can guarantee you, we can print it



Web Design, or digital design, is a very specialist field with the creative group of graphic designers. When most companies had their first or second website designed and built, it was OK for them to be a brochure on the screen. That is what the user expected. But was the discipline evolved, web and digital design are placed at the centre of everything, there is no point doing a mass marketing campaign and driving back to a website that simply doesn’t deliver.

Every website designed needs a team calling from a range of marketing disciplines to ensure the result delivers for the brand. At Icon, the scope of any website includes SEO Experts, Paid online advertising specialists, copywriters, motion graphics experts, web developers and experienced senior designers who are experts in UX / UI and ensure that every design decision is precise and has a reason. There is no value in having the most beautiful website that doesn’t convert as the form is clunky or a great looking website that no one visits because SEO wasn’t factored into the scope.

The website is where every facet of digital come together, and they all need to be all thought through before pen to paper, paint brush to screen.

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Marketing collateral has undeniable brand power. Often, this collateral is the first—and sometimes only—communication between a company and its customers. Collateral can foster a consistent brand look and feel, build loyalty among distributors and consumers, and arm a sales force with everything they need to sell.

In today’s business climate, powerful, relevant collateral is crucial to sales—and many businesses are looking at ways they can minimise quantities, customise content, and ensure faster delivery.

Icon can create a suite of effective and powerful marketing collateral in small to large print quantities. This can include

  • Stationery set
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Folders
  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Presentations

Ianni Stationery Mockup


Orange Canvas, a division of Icon, solely focuses on developing and delivering merchandise, marketing collateral and corporate stationery that is custom branded in-house and delivered directly to your sales teams, wherever they are located.

Orange Canvas create customised online eCommerce systems that makes ordering easier than it has ever been. Our template builder, developed 100% in-house, means you can have approved stationery items, such as business cards, available online to be personalised, that are then approved by you before print. Meaning your brand is in safe hands.

This online portal also means that everything your team need can be ordered from one easy to use location, with a single source supplier.

We can custom print anything you need in house and dispatch it immediately and directly. Visit the Orange Canvas website to find our more.

Orange Canvas



Packaging is one of our favourites. We love the challenge of the angles and the shapes and the tactile nature of the design. For some of us, you could say it is our happy place.

Just as web design is complex and requires a multi-disciplinary team approach, we take the same approach to packaging. Our production head is involved from early stages to advise what is possible and any new technologies we may not have considered. Our copywriter needs to understand the space available, the designer needs to work through the maths for the angles and shapes, and then design something that will stand out. Phew.

There is nothing we can’t design. Contact us today to help us put your idea into reality.

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