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A new report out from Optus business has highlighted the impact of bad customer service on the bottom line for a business and shown just how outstanding customer service has to be for a customer to recommend to a friend. The new 2014 Future of Business Report by Optus surveyed 550  business and government decision makers as well as 5000 customers from a range of different industries as part of the report .

Merely satisfying customers is no longer enough

Out of all those surveyed, 94% of people said they would recommend a business after outstanding customer service however only 17% would recommend after good customer service. So merely satisfying a customer and offering good customer service is no longer enough for customers.

Bad customer service unfortunately elicits almost 50% of people to tell a friend, colleague or family member about the bad customer service experience.

Creating greater customer loyalty and advocacy and delivering outstanding customer experience can increase revenue and efficiencies – yet most businesses don’t understand its financial impact.

The Optus report gave a Top 10 of customer expectations when interacting with a business:

  1. Staff are friendly or polite
  2. My needs are met
  3. Staff are knowledgeable
  4. I am able to interact with a real person
  5. I get a quick result
  6. I feel valued as a customer
  7. I can interact at my convenience
  8. It takes me minimum effort
  9. Business is honest and transparent
  10. I feel listened to