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5 ingredients don’t seem like alot to underpin a whole corporate marketing strategy, but some of the best recipes can be made just by combining the right five ingredients. The key here is combining the right ingredients in the right order. And that’s where we come to the right five ingredients for successful marketing.

In a recent report, High Performance B2B Marketing 2016 – 17, when B2B marketers were asked to define the key elements to successful B2B marketing, these answers fitted into five key areas. Andrew Dalglish, Director of Circle Research, were commissioned to produce the report by B2B Marketing. In in his introduction, he clearly defined these key areas.



2 cups Strategic Vision
4 cups fresh Marketing Plan
1 cup packed Marketing Tools
200g Marketing Tactics
2 tablespoons Salt-reduced Review, Reporting and Analysis

5 Ingredients of Successful B2B MarketingYour Secret Marketing Recipe Card spices 3



Base the marketing on a strategic vision which is based on clear understanding of its purpose and what it ultimately wants to achieve.
This vision acts as a beacon – ensuring all activities, messages and tactics align to the this.

STEP 2  Underpin the vision with a carefully crafted plan which details how exactly it’s going to be realised. This plan needs to be carefully aligned to the business’s wider business strategy and goals and customer insights as well as having a clear value proposition.

STEP 3  Give the marketing team the right business tools. The best laid plans are worthless unless they’re executed effectively and this requires a talented and motivated team, with the bandwidth and freedom to deliver. It also requires the right tools, especially marketing automation.

STEP 4          Put tactical focus in the mixing bowl. High-quality content is a must in this era of content-led marketing, and messaging needs to be consistent and spread across key touchpoints on the client journey.
STEP 5 Once all ingredients are mixed and baked, regular review or the results needs to be undertaken to deliver analysis and campaign recommendations on a regular basis


Adding the right ingredients to your marketing at the right team delivers a high-energy marketing team with a vision and strategic direction to follow to deliver successful business and marketing outcomes.