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Before the explosion of online advertising and social media, the media multiplier effect was all the buzz. Put simply, the media multiplier was to pounding the consumers with the same marketing message through all channels at the same time. For example, the media multiplier has always demonstrated that where activities in a secondary medium—for example, radio or magazine—are able to evoke memories of the brand initially generated by TV advertising. These secondary effects extend reach and frequency and add a magnifying effect by surrounding the consumer with multiple messages. Social media’s impact on media multiplier effect

Consumers are more adverse than ever to advertising – so marketers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how to get to their target audience.
As media dollars shift from TV, print, and radio to digital, social and other media forms, it is more important than ever to ensure how media are working together, both uniquely and synergistically. The media multiplier effect is now extended beyond traditional advertising to multichannel marketing, both offline and online.

Increasingly, the use of social media offers a media multiplier effect amplifies marketing messages far more easily than traditional methods. Even better, social media allows marketing campaigns to find, connect, and communicate with prospects on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis.

Social media can influence your customer relationships, sales, repeat purchases, website traffic etc. Social media should be a part of your marketing strategy and system.