Update from ICON regarding COVID-19


We understand how important it is to continue to navigate your business during this challenging COVID-19 time and we wanted to reassure you that Icon will continue to offer our full range of services to you. The focus of your program may need to change for the short-term, and we are here to help you..... Read More
ICON has recently been named as a preferred supplier by the Local Government Procurement (LGP), which is an integrated procurement management organisation operating under the Local Government of NSW (LGNSW), for Media Planning, Buying & Monitoring, Advertising & Digital Services - Cam..... Read More
Traditional marketing for service-based businesses is a challenge for any business owner, you need to immediately showcase your value, and then put a dollar figure to what your time is worth. Marketing a serviced based business is one of the most difficult areas for a marketing professional, but t..... Read More
Fonts are a key part of graphic design but are often the forgotten relative of the more showy elements like colour and shape. In truth, a font does everything from representing a brand to increasing a brand’s legibility. Unconsciously, the choice of font can tell us so much about a business. In..... Read More
Today we have more mediums than ever through which we can disseminate content. Traditional marketing mediums such as print, radio, television, direct mail and telephone, while still crucial, are no longer the main players. Welcome to the age of video marketing.   Borne out of the necessity..... Read More
Data is the buzzword of every industry at the moment. Data, data, data. Data-driven marketing, data-driven sales, data-driven product development – everything, it seems, is being drive by data. Companies such as Qantas Frequent Flyer and Woolworths Rewards show us how ‘big data’ – a term..... Read More
Starting or running a business is not the easiest of tasks. While you may have a great product or service offering, where do you go from there? What’s your brand or business message? Do you create a website? Or a social media business page and advertise through that? What about the age-old quest..... Read More
To some, traditional marketing – practices such as advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications – is dead. The reality is quite the opposite: traditional marketing is now part of a much wider marketing ecosystem. Marketing evolves with technology and with the times. Pr..... Read More
Have you ever found yourself gravitating towards someone? As though every time they’re around you feel at ease? And if so, do you remember what it was you liked about them? Were they bubbly, friendly, thoughtful, caring, considerate or approachable? If so, then it’s a good chance that you like..... Read More
The year 2000 was important for many reasons. The new millennia, Sydney Olympic games and launch of a little advertising vehicle called Google AdWords with ads running on the right side of the screen. At the time, 350 advertisers were beta-testing the program. Today, globally, Google serves over..... Read More