Update from ICON regarding COVID-19


A marketing plan helps you plan for the future – it’s a roadmap that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. As your business matures, a little structure can help you guide it through the next phase clearly. A successful, growing business is a business owners’ dream, bu..... Read More
There’s no subtle way to spin it – the last few months have been incredibly challenging for everyone. Employers, employees, clients, parents, students, children, essential service workers, the elderly, politicians; anyone and everyone has had their fortitude tested to its limits by COVID-19...... Read More
We have worked carefully as a team over the last few months to ensure that we followed all COVID-19 restrictions around social distancing and the workplace. We changed how we ran our business and how we helped our clients continue to run their businesses. As restrictions ease, our team is slowly..... Read More
  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic blindsided us, the Australian economy appeared to be slowing, with bushfires, floods, and weak wages growth dampening consumer spending. At Icon Visual Marketing we too were thrown off a little, but we quickly refocused and drew on some great historical ex..... Read More
While there is no doubt that COVID-19 has restricted businesses from operating as they normally would, it has also presented enormous opportunities.  Watch our Managing Director Joe Papadatos run through the three areas that will assist you the most in running your business in an isolated w..... Read More
Almost overnight companies from the smallest to largest had to quickly adjust to allow their people to work from home. It threw up a whole lot of challenges, particularly for organisations that hadn’t previously provided this option. By necessity, the initial steps focused on the practical aspe..... Read More
The Ps of marketing are as old as marketing itself. Whether you are in the 4 P camp or 7 P camp, the Ps (product, package, price, place, promotion, people, and placement) are the arrows in your marketing quiver and your marketing strategy is the bow. When executed well, together they solve all sor..... Read More
Small and medium businesses often need a helping hand during large-scale crises that impact the economy, and that is certainly the case with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Certain industries and sectors are feeling the impact of COVID-19 more than others, but we want to reassure you that th..... Read More
Most of us are not well-versed in dealing with pandemics, and as we forge onwards through COVID-19 it can seem overwhelming. If you’re an SME business owner, these are particularly challenging times. But don’t let anxiety tempt you into poor decision making. Here are six tips for managing yo..... Read More
We understand how important it is to continue to navigate your business during this challenging COVID-19 time and we wanted to reassure you that Icon will continue to offer our full range of services to you. The focus of your program may need to change for the short-term, and we are here to help you..... Read More
ICON has recently been named as a preferred supplier by the Local Government Procurement (LGP), which is an integrated procurement management organisation operating under the Local Government of NSW (LGNSW), for Media Planning, Buying & Monitoring, Advertising & Digital Services - Cam..... Read More
Traditional marketing for service-based businesses is a challenge for any business owner, you need to immediately showcase your value, and then put a dollar figure to what your time is worth. Marketing a serviced based business is one of the most difficult areas for a marketing professional, but t..... Read More