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Whether developing a newspaper advertisement, a technical handbook or a training manual, Icon Visual Marketing will ensure that the written word meets your objectives precisely and complements the design.

Icon’s team of copywriters can make sense of the most detailed or technical data and information, then translate and transform it into something that your customers can make sense of. Working as part of the creative department, our writers work hand in hand with design or video to ensure they seamlessly flow together.

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Copywriting in its traditional form is more geared towards advertising, promotions, direct mails and headlines, whereas the purpose content writing is to entertain and entice the online audiences, so they stay longer on websites and engage with the brand.

Copywriting is still content writing, but in an immediate attention-grabbing form. Content writing is about engagement and value add.

The real value of content marketing for your business is twofold. Firstly, it acts to attract and retain customers by delivering consistent value-added information. Secondly, it is valuable for SEO – that is, your website being found above your competitors in organic search. Consistent new, valuable content being added to your website means search engines are regularly indexing the site and delivering more relevant visitors to your website. Good quality content is SEO gold.

Updating your website with new pages, new media, and new information will all help grow the organic ranking of your website for your relevant keywords and Google searches. Icon’s content writing team work closely with digital SEO specialists to ensure all content is not only valuable for the information delivered, but to help your organic search visibility.

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Before developing content for your website, Icon develop a list of keywords to ensure maximum impact of your words on SEO, after all, there is no point building a great new site that delivers less leads. For us choosing relevant keywords is the first step in ensuring your website is fully optimised for search.

Once we’ve determined what each page of your website needs to achieve, we thoroughly research the keyword phrases that are being used in your sector. We then select primary and niche keywords for each page and write engaging online content that satisfies your customers and the search engines. We also use keywords to optimise online press releases, blogs, articles and email content.

The result? A higher profile in the search engines and a much greater chance that a potential customer will find and interact with your content.



Outsourcing your content writing can be a smart decision for businesses of all sizes. And while outsourcing can often mean shipping work offshore only to get back low-quality work, Icon only use our own in-house writing team made up of business writers and technical writers.

Working as your outsourced content team, we work with you to build a content plan around what is important to your business, and the areas of business you are targeting. While we do come from a broad range of industries and backgrounds, client input into the strategy is vital to ensure you are getting the best value from your outsourced content team.


Have professionals create your content for a more polished image

Writers who work with SEO specialists to ensure content is both quality and has real results for your organic visibility online

It’s easier to edit a piece already written for you than to face a blank page

Increased volume of content with an outsourced content team behind you

Just like any other function you outsource, it allows you to focus on your core business

If your website is packed full of high quality, relevant copy, you’re going to be in good standing with Google and generate higher ranking keywords

More creative content output