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The marketing industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate. The reliance on digital and online marketing channels that just five years ago didn’t exist, is creating seemingly insurmountable gaps in market talent, technology and strategy.

Businesses are looking for these hybrid, almost mythical marketing managers, who somehow have the right mix of strategy acumen, executional know how and their finger on the pulse of the ever-changing world of digital marketing. However, is it fair to ask that one person, or a small team, be wholly responsible for having all the skills and knowledge needed for modern day marketing? It’s almost impossible.

Building an internal marketing department that has all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience can be overwhelming and near on impossible to cover all the skills necessary.


Outsourcing your marketing provides access to expertise in every marketing discipline−from an experienced team of specialists that can be scaled to suit projects of any size and scope. Such flexibility represents the most critical benefit in using a marketing agency

Only pay for the services you need for the length of time you require. In a fluctuating economy, the risk of bringing on new staff can be daunting. By utilising an outsourced marketing agency, you control your marketing spend and can effectively “turn it off” if market forces dictate.

By wearing different hats to manage a variety of client campaigns, an outsourced agency is often able to bring a higher level of creativity

Access to an expanded talent pool. In-house marketing staff may not always have the skills needed, especially on larger, more complex projects requiring extensive coordination among various components of the plan

You don’t need to recruit, retain or train staff. The marketing agency is responsible for providing you with the right skilled people to manage your account

An agency can bring a welcome external view to an existing challenge without being bogged down with internal politics or restrictions.

Easier for agencies to keep on top of key marketing trends and recommend how these can be integrated into your business marketing strategy

Digital marketing is changing every day. Agencies invest large amounts of training and resources into keeping on top of digital marketing opportunities and have entire digital teams working towards building successful digital campaigns to support your marketing

Marketing agencies only work on marketing. Many internal marketers face the challenges of being pulled onto a range of different projects and assignments that aren’t always necessarily core to building on a successful marketing program.

For a small business especially, hiring a marketing person with the right level of skills and knowledge to be strategic as well as hands on can be impossible – both in terms of finding the right fit and budgetary wise. Using an agency, you’ll get access to their strategic marketers as well as those who will implement your campaigns on a day to day basis.



We attract experienced and knowledgeable staff who have previously worked in big agencies and corporations who come to the agency as they are interested in doing a great job for clients without a lot of the pomp and excess that can go with marketing agencies.

Businesses large and small can benefit from working with an outsourced marketing agency such as Icon where for less than a Marketing Coordinator salary you get access to over 60 marketers who have high level strategic and hands on implementation experience in all areas of marketing.

Icon Visual Marketing is a Sydney Marketing Agency focused on delivering strategic marketing plans and campaigns for clients from small to medium businesses to larger companies with a range of marketing programs. By engaging Icon Visual Marketing as your outsourced marketing team, you get access to our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.