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Strategic marketing Workshop


Great marketing at its heart is the development of a clear position, a clear understanding of Why should people buy from us? The answer to this question is where we start each and every conversation – Why should people buy from you?

To get to the core value of your business, Icon has developed a workshop process that really gets to the heart of your business. This process includes:

  • Articulating your business vision – let us understand where your business is now and where you want it to be
  • Setting realistic goals – what are the milestones that will help you achieve your goals
  • Establishing your market and identifying your most profitable market
  • Knowing where your customers are and what is it specifically your customers are buying from you.
  • Knowing your position within the market in relation to your target market and your competitors
  • Determining the value you bring to your customers.

Going through this process during a strategic marketing workshop ensures that we are focusing on the core values that make up your business and why customers are buying from you; and only after this process can a successful promotional, advertising and sales strategy be developed.

The Icon Visual Marketing interactive branding workshop will be personally facilitated by Joe Papadatos, Director of Icon Visual Marketing. Together with your team, Icon Visual Marketing will review your business to ensure that core brand values are on target and are being communicated. The delivery of this meeting will ensure that the final brand captures the heartbeat of your business.

Workshop outcomes include:

  • A clear branding strategy
  • Target segmentation and defined target markets

You will receive full written analysis, target market breakdown and a clear branding strategy including recommendations to drive your business forward.