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Traditionally, Industrial companies saw themselves as very limited in who they would market to. Above the line tactics – such as mass media advertising – weren’t effective for industrial markets, and in most respects, with the exception of Intel, still aren’t. Below the line activities – s..... Read More
A lot of large brands have an active social media presence, however there continues to be an over-reliance on simple counting of Facebook Fans as a key performance metric. In any Facebook marketing program, there should be two strategies in play – a Fan Acquisition Program to grow the opportunitie..... Read More
Digital marketing has evolved and has really become the centre of all marketing programs, both offline and online. You don’t just need a website, you need a digital marketing strategy and approach that integrates all your activities. What you need is a Digital Marketing team behind your business.D..... Read More
Whether you’re a new business starting out or one evolving, your logo, your business and use of a tagline must be spot on in conveying your overall business vision and customer experience - your brand. Icon can assist you in designing a brand that will not only resonate with your customers but wi..... Read More
A distinguishing feature of B2B markets is the importance of the personal relationship. Personal relationships and trust develop. It is not unusual for a business-to-business supplier to have customers that have been loyal and committed for many years. However, in the modern B2B sales funnel, perso..... Read More
What is the ultimate value of your brand? How do customers become loyal to one brand over another very similar product? Thinking the brand is just a logo, stationery or corporate colours is a mistake in the delivery of your brand experience. The real value of your brand and your customers experience..... Read More
And why business needs to listen! Whether you are a small business or a large organisation – if you are using or considering a social media strategy, your key question should be “how social media will benefit who I am trying to engage with?” Remember all consumers including social media user..... Read More
The entire role of B2B marketing, and the marketing department or B2B marketing agency, is to feed the sales funnel. Promote the right messages to the right target market to influence them to make a sale. Thats it! Having them like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter are just great, but the ai..... Read More
Google AdWords can be a powerful advertising tool that can help a small business appear large and offer a range of effective targeting techniques so you can be assured your advertising money is being used to advertise to those more likely to become a customer. In a recent article, Google Asia-Pacif..... Read More
Choosing the right color scheme for a corporate branding of a web design is extremely important. It will set the mood of your design more than any other component. When starting any design for a brand or website, Icon will uncover as much as we can about your business and your brand as this will he..... Read More
Mobile search isn’t a “trend” it’s a fact that more and more people are going to be searching your site via mobile. Not convinced that your B2B target market are mobile users. One easy way to know is through a quick Google Analytics report. Its simple. Login to your Google Analytics Accoun..... Read More
In previous generations, industrial based and B2B companies didn’t see traditional marketing as a great benefit to them. Sure, trade shows, yellow pages and the company calendar to clients may have been important, but these companies placed more importance on having the most technological advanced..... Read More