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Mobile search isn’t a “trend” it’s a fact that more and more people are going to be searching your site via mobile. Not convinced that your B2B target market are mobile users. One easy way to know is through a quick Google Analytics report. Its simple. Login to your Google Analytics Accoun..... Read More
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The differences between marketing a product and marketing your professional services are vast, you are effectively selling your knowledge and experience at every turn, building your credibility as an expert and authority in your professional services field. Many times, these professional services b..... Read More
A marketing plan is an effective blueprint for the year, plot in key dates, sales peaks and troughs, product launches and work around these to develop your strategies and tactics. Include your segmented target market and achievable goals and outcomes on your plan. Use your marketing plan – a mark..... Read More
When using social media for your business, there are some general Best practice guidelines you should adhere to. Always use URL Shorteners in Blog and Social Media – This is highly measurable and saves valuable posting space. Think Bit.Ly or Google URL Shortener Always link content back to the..... Read More
One flexible design - many applications Need a website that looks great on smartphones, tablets, desktops and more? Icon CMS fully supports responsive design techniques and provides a wide selection of custom responsive design templates. Responsive design means your website responds to the width of..... Read More
Site speed- loading time of 5 seconds or less Big, mobile friendly buttons Limited scrolling and pinching Quick access to business contact information "Click to call" access to phone the business Quick links to a company's social media profiles Usability and design features matter. Mobile..... Read More
Social media has just as much a place in a B2B marketing or Industrial marketing plan and budget as traditional marketing tactics such as direct marketing, journal advertising and tradeshows. The numbers don’t lieLinkedIn is one of the most important social networks if you are in the B2B or Indus..... Read More
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An integrated Digital Marketing Approach uses all activities to drive potential customers to your online presence, whether it is your company website, social media properties or a mobile site of your regularly updated blog. SEOSEO Services at affordable prices. We offer an excellent return on your..... Read More