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Traditional marketing always said that Television advertising was used for branding and Digital Marketing was only used for direct response campaigns. Is TV advertising is starting to lose it stranglehold on marketers branding dollars as digital advertising is becoming more sophisticated w..... Read More
When writing my last blog - Make sure your social media is value add, we started looking at some ways to use social media, and how a social media strategy can be formulated. It occurred to me that for some company’s and marketing managers, they judge the success of their social media strategy by..... Read More
Social media is a strong marketing tool, however just like other marketing campaigns, it needs to be used as part of an overall strategy and not just a tool for endless self-promotion. As part of your social media strategy, define what your goals and objectives are for social media and use this to g..... Read More
Traditionally in B2B sales, each salesperson had a small customer base that buys from them regularly. Sales and technical representatives visit the customers often and were on first name basis with their customers. Traditionally, many B2B suppliers had customers that have been loyal and committed fo..... Read More
(Infographic thanks to original post from Marketing magazine Australia) While many of us are keen to ride the technology wave, almost a third of Australians who own a smart TV are yet to enjoy the thrill of connecting to the internet. The convergence of web, content and entertainment has meant tha..... Read More
Social SEO is the combination of social media and search engine optimization. The term itself is an acknowledgment that the two are no longer separate. In a recent Patrick Dempsey post – Google Proves Not Being On Social Media Will Kill Your SEO - I discuss the changes already in progress at Googl..... Read More
[Originally posted on the Salesforce Down Under Blog] Who’d be a Marketeer these days? No sooner do you develop new skills that a medium dies and you’ve got to shift your skill set again! First Newspapers, then TV, now Email. Customers are forever changing the way they like to consume informati..... Read More
Two years ago, ask B2B if they were using social media, odds are most weren't and didn't see any value to their business or those who were just did it to promote other advertise campaigns or because they'd heard it was the "new thing" in marketing. However, today's businesses, both B2B and B2C see..... Read More
A new survey out by Chief Marketer, 2012 Social Marketing trends survey, showed that the majority of marketers considered social media as an important part of their strategy and more than 92% of all surveyed are currently using it or starting to use it as an overall marketing strategy. Download the..... Read More
Using a range of data products to capture and report on online results, we have at our fingertips data about every facet of our website - how many visits, where do they come from, what language do they speak, what pages are they looking at, are they using a mobile vs PC to access the site? However,..... Read More
We recently came across this great phrase from a Report by Wordstream US on The War on Free Clicks that Free Clicks are getting more costly. And while alot of the report focused on Organic clicks vs PPC, this was related to the sheer amount of staffing resources that are required by companies, eithe..... Read More
A new report out from Social Media Today, Optimum Facebook Posting Times, has surveyed 1,800 of the largest brands on social to gauge when are the most successful times to post to Facebook for the highest level of fan engagement. The responses founds some interesting results: Wednesday is the wo..... Read More