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We recently came across this great phrase from a Report by Wordstream US on The War on Free Clicks that Free Clicks are getting more costly. And while alot of the report focused on Organic clicks vs PPC, this was related to the sheer amount of staffing resources that are required by companies, eithe..... Read More
A new report out from Social Media Today, Optimum Facebook Posting Times, has surveyed 1,800 of the largest brands on social to gauge when are the most successful times to post to Facebook for the highest level of fan engagement. The responses founds some interesting results: Wednesday is the wo..... Read More
A new report out from Google has found that 72% of Consumers Want Mobile-Friendly Sites: Google Research Nearly 3/4 of those surveyed say that they would be more likely to revisit mobile friendly sites opposed to sites not optimised for mobile. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly annoy users and..... Read More
We are very often asked by our B2B clients and associates if Social media is right for them and how they can use it to better engage with their audience. Before we recommend a social strategy - combining content marketing with social tools including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc - we make sure the..... Read More
Interesting debate thanks to Marketing magazine. Is content marketing and branded content a fad or is it here to stay. Overwhelming opinion its here to stay. Our opinion, if its imporant for your website to be found and act as a resource centre for your customers, then content marketing is part of..... Read More
A bounce occurs when a user visits a website and exits the page from which they came without having moved to another page on the same website. A higher bounce rate means users leave your website without viewing any additional pages. A lower bounce rate means users stay on your website and have move..... Read More
Are email newsletters still a valid form of marketing? Yes and yes. Email newsletters are an ideal way to communicate with your customers on a frequent and consistent basis, sharing industry news, giving advice and tips and offering genuine value add for customers to be on your email newsletter lis..... Read More
A new survey just come up shows some amazing results of how seriously customers take business Facebook pages. Thanks to Hubspot for this summary of the results  So, you like us. But do you like like us? As in, would you put it up on Facebook? That's the question Lab42 set out to answer -- the..... Read More
SEO isn’t a one-time project. You don’t assign it to someone, give them a deadline and once the project is finished, that’s it. SEO is a long term marketing strategy and should be worked on constantly as part of an ongoing marketing program that continues to set milestones and deliverables. T..... Read More
Quick Recap of the Poor Keyword Usage and Keyword Abuse Roadblocks! Stuffing Keywords - Limit yourself to 2 keywords or keyword phrases for every 100 words. Bolded Keywords - Save bolded keywords for headers or when it’s stylistically correct to emphasize. Excessive Keywords Ensure your keywo..... Read More
When times get hard, the first reaction of many companies is to pull their sponsorship, tuck their advertising dollars away and focus on just above the line advertising, as this was seen as more effective than sponsorship. But, when times are tough, isn't it really a great opportunity to get involve..... Read More
The internet has opened up a huge opportunity for people to discuss your business / product, to post reviews - both negative and positive, and to discuss in forums and chats everything they have experienced with your brand. What, you don't the negative reviews out there - then you need to get involv..... Read More