Congratulations to two of our Digital Marketing Specialists Lenka Kleinova and Amanda Griffin for both completing the demanding challenge. .To achieve this accolade, Lenka and Amanda successfully completed all 6 Google AdWords Advertising Exams. Congrats Lenka and Amanda!This involved achieving..... Read More
Icon Visual Marketing started in 2003 offering marketing and print management services from a spare room in Joe’s house. Fourteen years later, ICON has grown from a one-desk, all hands-on deck operation to an organisation of 40 people in seven departments and a full-suite of services. Over that..... Read More
It doesn’t matter if your business is turning two, 12, 25 or 238, marking your company’s anniversary with a celebration can be a powerful sales and marketing tool. Promoting your business anniversary can help with employee morale (recognising their hard work shows they mean more to you than ju..... Read More
Choosing the right colour scheme for your corporate branding is extremely important. The right colour and combination of colours can deliver on something so much more powerful than words - emotions. And getting it just right delivers an emotional connection from consumers to your brand - something w..... Read More
Many months ago, “mobilegeddon” occurred wherein mobile-friendly websites would get a visibility boost in search engines over their desktop-only counterparts for searches that occurred on mobile. Google is now experimenting with “mobile-first indexing” which takes this one step further. Exp..... Read More
For those who weren’t around for the great Cabbage Patch Kids craze of the 1980s, it’s hard to convey the intensity of it. There were fistfights between parents, near riots outside stores and endless shrieks of hysterical children desperate to get their hands on the dolls.   ..... Read More
As brands look forward to 2017, commentators chime in with pitches for what they believe will be at the forefront of the marketer’s mind in the year to come. Millennials, of course, feature high on this list. Millienials; the illusive demographic whose life and work behaviours have marketers scram..... Read More
Icon Visual Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in the South West of Sydney. We pride ourselves on offering employment for people to live and work in the local community, a rare opportunity for staff to not have to commute out of the region to maintain a high-level career with opportu..... Read More
Icon Visual Marketing recently took part in the Direct Selling Association of Australia competition to come up with a logo that helps them celebrate 50 years in existence while also looking forward to the next 50 years.  Competing against other branding agencies, Icon's creative team worked cl..... Read More
In an increasingly digital world, it’s easy to forget about real life and the day to day interactions and transactions that people make. The rise of social media and new technology has led many companies to increasingly rely on digital marketing campaigns, however in many industries, especially in..... Read More