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As a business, the media can be your friend or your foe, so careful management of your public relations is needed to project a positive image so you can build your brand and promote trust amongst your clients.

Positive PR is a powerful thing; it can build brand awareness and favourability, position your company as a leader, improve retention of current customers and increase sales.

From brand building to product launches, Icon Visual Marketing understands business channels and how PR can be used to great effect to support clients’ commercial and corporate objectives.

Whether new to market or an established brand, we devise and implement impactful campaigns for clients of all sizes - drawing on our knowledge and experience of the consumer sector to add variety and creativity to our business-to-business programs.



  • Media relations campaigns
  • Press kits and news releases
  • News conferences
  • Crisis communications
  • Product publicity
  • Feature article development
  • Social media strategy and content development



PR is earned coverage. It involves providing relevant information to journalists and other stakeholders with the view to developing relationships and securing media coverage and exposure. Meanwhile advertising is paid coverage; space is ‘purchased’ and an advertisement is developed and placed.

PR is generally a more cost-effective medium. By providing a hook for the journalist to grab onto, the resulting coverage is free. Which means that the only costs are for the PR professional’s time. In contrast, advertising comes with hefty costs for the space, along with the additional time required by a designer to create and finesse the artwork.


Advertising and PR both serve very different purposes and are both beneficial parts of many marketing campaigns. However, the power to truly connect goes one step further with PR and therefore brings stakeholders that little bit closer to your message.

Ask us today for our PR Coverage reports for a wide range of clients across varied industries including property, insurance, finance, food and beverage and more.



PR in the modern world means that there is an endless list of mediums to utilise. Whether in print, online, social media, events or broadcast, we are consuming information all day, everyday, in every way possible. This means there are endless opportunities to engage with relevant stakeholders in the first instance, but also that messages have the power to linger. The beauty of online communication is that it remains live and relevant until a consumer is ready and looking for it. And in a world where people are constantly Googling everything, it’s nice to know you have a stake in that. Of course, that’s not to discount the other mediums, which each have their own merits.


Embarking upon a PR campaign is a big deal and can bring a wide scope of experiences for the company in focus. Being broadcast as an expert in the industry is a big responsibility but ultimately one that will lead to greater brand recognition and customer exposure. There will inevitably be interview opportunities with the media, or speaking opportunities at industry events, which may require senior members of the company to develop and finesse

Icon Visual Marketing offers a full range of PR services, including press releases, media management, and crisis communications and measuring your PR profile.