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Email newsletters are an ideal way to communicate with your customers on a frequent and consistent basis, sharing industry news, giving advice and tips and offering genuine value add for customers to be on your email newsletter list.


But, surely no one still uses email marketing when it’s all about the socials? Doesn’t everyone hate being marketed to via email. In all actuality, research supports that people read most of their emails and do not mind frequent emails as long as they are relevant, interesting and specific to their needs.

Many businesses rely on social media to send out offers, promotions, and information; however, the truth is that one of the huge advantages of email marketing is that most businesses achieve about a 20% open rate on email and a .3% opt-out rate. Compare that to social media where your news is likely to be lost in the constant information being delivered – or worse, never actually appears in your followers feeds thanks to constant algorithm changes. Email marketing is almost more important than social media, but admittedly not as shiny and new.

To build an opt-in database you should ask for email addresses at every touchpoint possible – in person, on the phone, when making a sale, or simply making an enquiry. Use every opportunity on your website to build your opt-in database. Offer a free regular email update which includes promotions, news, information, etc. Create whitepapers and interesting reports, email address to access.

Make it a regular business practice to always ask for email addresses and OPT IN permission for offers, news, and promotions.