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Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is a specialised area of marketing that concentrates on the delivery of products and services to businesses.

Generally, the products and services are very technical in nature and require a different marketing strategy and implementation process to see sustainable sales growth and brand building.

B2B marketing should be focused on two core goals:

  • Feeding the sales funnel
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships

B2B Marketing Guide

The heart of B2B marketing is the relationship between the vendor and customer. When an analysis is done on any industrial market, one will notice that the value the supplier brings to the table should be measured against all the functions of the business - for example, the business' technical marketing, corporate affairs, manufacturing, and so forth. The supplier needs to not only continue to provide a superior technical product but also know their customer's business well enough to provide suggestions to business problems and develop products and services to meet customer needs. The vendor and customer relationship needs to be a true partnership.

Establish Your Value With B2B Marketing

Icon Visual Marketing's team of specialist B2B marketing consultants can assist you in helping to establish your key value proposition for your markets or major customers. The determination of your value platform is critical to successful B2B marketing. Understanding your product or service from a holistic position will provide your business the distinct advantage you have been looking for and a platform for significant growth.